Professional Affiliates

Tom H.- Plaza Insurance Sales, Inc.

Clean, Quiet, Responsible, Conscientious, Courteous and always Outstanding Service. I especially like that the particular work crew is wearing same shirt (color) so that they are all easily identifiable. They stand by their work. High recommendation.

Gerry K.- General Contractor, Keegan Construction

I like the expertise and responsiveness of the crew.

Geoff F. – Systems Design Engineer from Occidental Power

We have worked with Tom Lee Roofing on many solar projects throughout the years and have come to appreciate the professional manner and quality workmanship they offer to our clientele. Whether you’re installing a solar system in conjunction with a re-roof or just need a new roof we recommend Tom Lee Roofing as our preferred roofing contractor.

Stephen D.- General Contractor

As a general contractor working with companies I can trust is essential to my success. I have worked exclusively with Tom Lee Roofing for more than eight years. I know that Howard and Tom will always tell me what needs to be done. I am certain that the work they perform will meet the highest industry standards. Their proposals are complete and accurate. The communication concerning scheduling and work progress is excellent.

They are a family owned business. Their employees are long term and well paid. Their employees are proud of the reputation their company has earned. They know that when weather is on the way, quitting time is after the roof is on and your house is safe from the storm.

I have always been impressed that Tom Lee Roofing puts in writing that they will keep your property clean. They send checklist to prepare you for your job. It includes a reminder to tell the neighbors about the work being done. Just to make sure that the very messy process of tearing off a roof does not cause friction between neighbors.

Service seems a lost art these days. Everything is expensive. It is rare that the phase “you get what you pay for,” is a good thing. With Tom Lee Roofing you pay for a new roof that will last a very long time and what you get is the experience of dealing with complete professionals. From the first phone to set up the estimate through receiving the final invoice with your written warranty you will have the sense that Tom Lee Roofing knows exactly what they are doing. They have done it before and will be there to answer that phone should you ever need them to stand behind their work. I just could not imagine working with any company other than Tom Lee Roofing.

Ron P.

The 2169 Green Street Condo Association wants to recommend your work to other potential customers based on the fine job you did on our roof last year. You met our schedules, did the work promptly and came back quickly for additional repairs. Thank you.

Tom B. – Brady Construction

Thank you very much for the professional roof job your company did at my home. Your men were courteous and well mannered. Everyday the job site was left clean. This is especially important and difficult to do since I know the removal of my existing roof was very dirty job. I was impressed and appreciative of every aspect of this project. Again, Thank you! I anticipate us doing more business in the future.”