Real Estate Agents

Judy P. – Pacific Union Residential Brokerage

I always use & recommend Tom Lee Roofing to all my clients as I know they always do a good job & never cut corners. Moreover, they are honest & dependable, 2 very important traits to look for in any contractor. I’ve never had any one client complain about Tom Lee Roofing’s work & part of my job to my clients is to provide them with great service. Recommending Tom Lee for my clients’ roofing needs assures me that they will continue to receive that great service.

Mike H.- McGuire Partner/ Broker, McGuire Real Estate

Courteous, Accurate, Correct, Reliable, Professional, Accurate. Every listing that I take that will benefit from an evaluation regardless of the findings gets a Tom Lee Roofing Inspection and Bid for Repairs. I have seen time and time again that the final buyer of my listings is so pleased with his work that Tom Lee Roofing ends up with the job or replacement and/or repairs. Every Buyer that I work with in the San Francisco and San Mateo Counties who is in need of a Roof Inspection/Bid gets one. I have also had my own properties Re-Roofed by Tom Lee Roofing. Great work, quality work.

Christine G.- Realtor, McGuire Real Estate

Tom Lee is the best! Every listing I take benefits from Tom’s roof evaluation, regardless of the findings. I have seen time and time again that the buyer of my listing is so pleased with Tom’s thoroughness, accurateness & professionalism that Tom ends up with the repair or replacement project. Tom Lee replaced the roof of my personal home and provided exceptional quality. I recommend Tom Lee Roofing to all my clients.

Stephen G.- Gomez and Patton Real Estate

We consider Tom Lee one of our best resources when it comes to roofing. Over the years his reliability and professionalism has given our clients a sense of confidence that they are being treated fairly and competently. Tom is a standout in his industry.

Nina H.- Realtor, TRI/Coldwell Banker

I have been using Tom Lee Roofing for at least the past decade not only for my own properties but also for many of my clients. Their work has consistently been top-quality at very reasonable prices. I have yet to have a complaint about their work on any of my own properties or for any of the clients’ jobs, however luxurious the home. In addition, the crew is pleasant, extremely speedy and very accommodating. There is no other roofer in San Francisco that comes close!”